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var list = ['first blurb', 'second blurb', 'third blurb'];  // list of blurbs

var txt = $('#txtlzr');  // The container in which to render the list

var options = {
  duration: 1000,          // Time (ms) each blurb will remain on screen
  rearrangeDuration: 1000, // Time (ms) a character takes to reach its position
  effect: 'random',        // Animation effect the characters use to appear
  centered: true           // Centers the text relative to its container

txt.textualizer(list, options); // textualize it!
txt.textualizer('start'); // start

Animation effects

Textualizer currently has the following effects: fadeIn, slideLeft, slideTop, and random. You can choose which effect to use by setting the effect option.



Browser support

Textualizer has been successfully tested in the following browsers:


If you encounter any problems, please use the GitHub issue tracker (GitHub account required).

For anything else, feel free to email me, or post a comment below.